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Nettogroup is committed to respect and protect the privacy of its customers. The purpose of this privacy statement is to tell customers how to collect, use and protect personal information, and what rights and opportunities the customer has to influence the processing of their personal information.

The netgroup refers to a company Nettogroup that produces an online store service at

The Nettogroup complies with Finnish legislation in the processing of personal data and the European Union's data protection regulation. This Privacy Policy applies when Customer uses Nettogroup's online services. If Customer fails to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, Customer may not use the Services as the processing of personal data requires the provision of the Service.

Registry name

Nettogroup customer information

Registrar and contact information


Business ID: FI26429745

Company address: Sipintie 11, Sastamala, Finland

(The company does not have a customer access point)

Contact information on handling personal data and privacy issues:

Purpose of processing personal data

The operation of the retail sector requires processing of personal data. The customer register includes, for example, the processing of personal data necessary for the e-commerce client account, order delivery and billing. The Nettogroup only deals with personal information that is necessary in the Nettogroup business.

The uses for personal data include:

- Customer relationship management, maintenance and customer communication

- Creating and providing a service

- Sales and Marketing as well as Direct Marketing

- Monitoring and analyzing service usage to understand customer needs

- Carrying out the obligations arising from the Act and the regulations and instructions of the authorities

- Ensuring the security of the service, outsourcing the service according to the Nettogroup's view to the most efficient and reliable company for its purpose.

Sources and updating of personal information

We only collect information from Customer itself. We collect information that a customer gives when registering as a service user or using a service such as buying products from or ordering our newsletter.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data

Personal data is processed between Nettogroup and Customer only for ordering and marketing purposes with the consent of the customer. The use of the service and subscription to the newsletter can be interpreted as consent.

In all of the above situations we deal with personal and brokerage information only to the extent required by the purpose of the processing and we always take into account the privacy of our customers.

What personal information are we dealing with?

We deal with the following categories of personal data and personal information:

- Basic information: name, contact details: mailing address, email address, phone number, staff information, usernames

- Consent and bans on handling personal data

- Customer Event Information

- Customer communication: messages where the customer is a party

- Service Usage Data: The collected information may include purchase history, billing and shopping basket information, product warranty information, delivery information such as delivery method and delivery address

- Behavioral Information: tracking Customer's online behavior and using the Service using cookies and other similar technologies; Collected data may include a web browser used for a channel, browser, terminal device, device or cookie identifier, IP address, session identifier and session time and duration, log information.

How is your personal information used and protected?

For Nettogroup's partners, we release the necessary personal information for delivery and sales and marketing purposes.

The Nettogroup uses subcontractors to process IT activities to process personal data in the provision of the service. By using our subcontractors, we ensure that personal information is processed in accordance with the law and the privacy notice. uses only confidential business partners as partners. The personal data processing partners are not established outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, whereby personal data is not transmitted outside the EU or EEA territory.

Personal data may also be disclosed to a third party for whom disclosure has been granted by the Customer for example in connection with a specific campaign. Personal data may be disclosed in connection with a court case or at the request of a public authority on the basis of a law or authority decision in the context of a trial or authority process.

Preservation and protection of personal data

The Nettogroup retains Customer's personal data as long as it is necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement. Acting in legislation such as accounting and consumer marketing legislation requires that some personal data be retained even if the customer agreement has expired. Personal data is protected against unauthorized access, destruction, destruction, damage, and unauthorized access. We take into account the privacy and business risks associated with the processing of personal data and the available technical possibilities and various threats to the protection of personal data.'s e-commerce servers and trade information security systems are of a high standard and are protected against data hacks and denial-of-service attacks efficiently. The Nettogroup seeks to prevent unauthorized access to personal data.